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Ok, so who wants to start some motivation in here? Anyone want to reinstate a weekly weigh-in at least?

I've been logging my food this week and exercise. ANyone want to join me? Even take some small steps? If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. We can do this!!!

b: grapefruit juice, 1 boiled egg, 1 c cantaloupe
s: apple, green tea
l: 1/2 black rice with sprouted lentils, 1 c. peas and carrots, green tea
s: carrot and celery sticks w/ 2T homemade hummus
d: Peruvian Tuna on a salad, cut veggies, 1/2c black rice w/sprouted lentils
CHEAT: about 6 bites of icecream from Bruesters :sigh But I didn't order any for me, just ate a few bites of DH's
EXERCISE: 1/2 h bootcamp, 20min treadmill, 1hr water aerobics

b:2eggs scrambled w/ onions, turnip greens and goat cheese, 1 link turkey sausage, 1 c honeydew, green tea
s: grapes, green tea
l: Peruvian Tuna on a salad, cut veggies, 1/2c black rice w/sprouted lentils (gotta get this all eaten! :lol)
s: MORE grapes. They're soooo goood!
D: Masaman Curry w/ brown rice. Side salad w/ homemade fat free ginger dressing
s: celery sticks, clementine, greentea
EXERCISE: 1 hr bootcamp, 20 min abs

b: 2 eggs scrambled w/ turnip greens and onions, 1/2 grapefruit, green tea
s: apple
l: salsa w/ 1 c celery and carrot sticks, salad w/ salsa for dressing, small cup Caldo de Pollo (at La Parilla. Didn't finish soup or salad)
s: 1 c red cherries
d: Tuna on a salad. again. (it's just easy)
s: 2T cheesy beer dip w/ celery (game night)
EXERCISE: 1 hr bootcamp
First Goal...

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