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Hi Ladies, nothing much going on here. Shingles are burning like fire. Off and on it feels like I am having chest pains. Maybe if I could rest and relax instead of running myself ragged they may go away or not hurt as bad. Is there anything else I can get? Last night I had to go out by myself and I had 4 places to go. I had to take this stupid boot off and on 8 times. I was fit to be tied by the time I got home.

Crystle, now lets not talk about Fall yet. We haven't had a good summer here yet. It is finally going to warm up this weekend. You can start again after vacation. Enjoy, just don't go overboard. Gee, that is so easy to say to someone else

Toni, I haven't seen many home grown tomatoes yet. Does't bother me as I don't like tomatoes, wish I did, but DH does.

Wantingtobe140, Welcome to our group. I agree about the clothes. Plus winter time we seem to hibernate and eat comfort foods.

Guess I will take off. Have a few things to do for the shower tonight. Sure wish the cleaning fairy would come and clean my house. I think my baby may be stopping by for a minute tonight so that will make me happy. have a great evening.

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