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I'm still in the infancy stages of weight loss, however, after a lot of introspection the past few weeks I've realized that one of the biggest hindrances for healthy weight loss for me in the past has been fear. Fear of commitment. Fear of failure. Fear of the unknown. The unknown being one of the biggest fears.

I don't know what a 150 lbs LeeAnn will look like because I've never known her. I do know that her body won't look like her 150 lbs friend who has been a runner her entire life and not had children, or her 150 lbs friend who recently had a 20 lbs weight loss, or her 150 lbs mother-in-law who lost 250 lbs through gastric by-pass.

And I'm finally okay with that. The body I have and will have will tell the story of the life I have given it. It is the body that belonged to me as an overweight little girl, obese teenager, bulimic college student, twice pregnant mother, and again obese adult. I've used it and abused it, and now I am taking care of it. What I'm left with is yet to be seen, but regardless it is mine.

Best of luck to you!

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