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A few thoughts and comments...

I totally agree with the thoughts of " I have to LOVE it, to eat it" and giving up all donuts except from a certain place. My weakness: Pizza. And I am a total Pizza snob. I love a thin, crispy crust loaded with fun gourmet toppings and if I had to pick my absolute fav place to get it, it would be The Gaslight in Portsmouth. For me, this is a 45 min drive. I think I could apply that and say, if I really want pizza out, I will have to get in my car and drive for it. That should really help. I mean, you could apply that to just about anything. Just one really expensive bottle of wine, or one really delish cookie made from scratch. Would have a rational consequence forcing you to think "How badly do I REALLY want this"

And the "LOVING" it part, I already do. I am not gonna spoil my diet for some crappy McDonalds or a yucky Hersheys chocolate bar. I'm gonna have a homemade turkey burger with really good cheddar, roasted peppers, crisp dill pickles, fresh lettuce, tomato, on a fresh onion roll. Or 1 perfect Harry and David Dark Chocolate Truffle.

There was something else I read that has been helpful to me. I read it in SELF magazine. It was an article written by a woman who lost a tremendous amt of weight. She said she would say to herself. I can have all the food I want tomorrow but today I am going to stay on plan. The next day would come and she would say the same thing. It reminds me of how my grandmother says she quit smoking And just like smoking, the way I was eating was an addiction for me. I think I get caught up in the goal sometimes and it is relieving to separate the long term goals I have with a more one-day-at-a-time attitude...

Anyway, good thoughts going on here, girls!
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