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My first line of defense is to simply not have unhealthy quick snack foods available. Secondly, I am pickier about my indulgences. For example: I can't eat the donuts around where I live because I prefer Krispie Kreme, and the closest shop is 164 miles away. In Canada. I'm also picky about which chocolate I like. Neither DH or I drink (alcohol).

As far as having indulgences from time to time, I refuse to say "I've been bad." Eating an unhealthy food is not a moral failing. I *do* occassionally eat a heavy carb/fat load. I find that if I just eat it, and move on without spending time/energy guilt-tripping myself, I'm less likely to trigger an emotional eating binge.

So, I do eat a homemade cupcake at my son's birthday party, but I don't eat the ice cream that his father likes so much with it. I do split a dessert with DH if we go out to eat. I do go through the drive thru on a busy day, but I only get a sandwich, I have water in the car, and I've discovered that their french fries are too salty for my taste.

We do buy a bag of GF flavored potato chips every other month or so, but DH & I have to spot each other. We call them "crack chips" because they are so addictive. One bag may last as long as four days, or as little as two. But, once it's gone, we're done for a few months.

That's just my experience.
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