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Originally Posted by kaplods View Post
I don't know whether it's grain-related, gluten-grain related (since oatmeal doesn't seem to bother me) or generically carb-related, but I also find that I do best on a relatively low carb, especially grain and sugar diet. Sugar is definitely a trigger, not only for hunger, but also for some very weird symptoms. I ate much more grains and carbs last week when visiting my parents in Illinois, and (as usual) my joint pain, fatigue, hunger issues, and even my skin problems flared. I haven't had to use my prescription steroid skin cream for months, and after a few high carb, high grain days I ended up with the scaley "ick" on my face of seborrheic dermatitis (or as my husband calls it "face-rot").

Even knowing that I will feel terrible (and look terrible with the face-rot and rosacea), I sometimes forget how important it is to keep grains/sugars/starches under control. I've proven it often enough, that I'm not sure why I continue to experiement. Hubby "lectured" me today because he saw the skin starting to flake around my eyebrows and nose, and he said "have you been eating too many carbs, again?" I guess it's pretty bad when he notices before I do.
Yeah, I'm not sure what my triggers are, but carbs definitely make me feel yucky and trigger major cravings. Whole wheat pasta, potatoes and tortillas are OK. I can eat small amounts of rice or bread if I pair them with a protein. Oats and corn are iffy, sometimes I can handle them, other times not. Crackers and cereal (except Fiber One) are a huge no-no. And of course, I don't eat sugar, but any of those with sugar is a binge waiting to happen.

Even though I don't know why some things trigger me and others don't, at least I can tell before I eat them if they're going to trigger cravings.

One thing this whole cereal ordeal has taught me, it's much better to be safe than sorry. Those cravings are so tough to fight off. Much better to avoid them in the first place.
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