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Kinda sounds to me like you didn't plan to fail. Sounds like you kinda planned TO fail. But I guess that wasn't your question. But, I certainly wouldn't go into the upcoming week with the same thinking....

I find I am much stronger going into these events if I have a strategy in place BEFORE hand. I decide ahead of time what I will and will not eat. This way when I am faced with "the food", I don't have to think about it, it's already thought out for me. Nothing to contemplate. So yes, have a plan in place!

Birthdays are a wonderful time. Try focusing on the people and NOT the food. It IS possible to have a great time while staying on plan.

You mentioned that you lack motivation. Well, where do you stand on commitment? Are you indeed committed to losing the weight and getting healthy? If so, don't let your convictions fly out the window just because you are faced with temptation. Remember what it is you want the most. The very, very MOST.

Don't tell yourself that this is "impossible" and that you CAN"T do this, because you CAN. You most definitely can.

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