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I know how you feel- I used to be like this so much! Food was constantly on my mind and I was obsessed with it. What I ate, what I will eat, when I'll eat next, when I last ate, how many calories, and so on. It was getting to the point I was scared of food.

Then I started reading this book:

Conquer Your Food Addiction : The Ehrlich 8-Step Program for Permanent Weight Loss by Caryl Ehrlich

And OMG it helped me so much- it talked about the behavioral/psychological side of food obsession and since then food isn't on my mind like it used to be, I don't sit and count the minutes till lunchtime, and so on. I feel my relationship with food is so much better than before. Of course it's not perfect, but I don't obsess like I used to.

I bought a used copy for a couple dollars on amazon- you might want to check it out
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