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I really believe thinking about a “positive” every day has helped me. And knowing I have friends here – virtual or not – is a real comfort, so thank you all!

Bite -- you and Jacque posted while I was posting mine, so I didn't see your comments until just now. I'm glad you're better, and I love your picture. You are a cutie-pie. Jacque, your dedication is inspirational.

Learn – take care of your back. I know how hard it is to lug a camera around (although I love it!) when your back is hurting. And I wanted to let you know that your “shout outs” for the MIA’s is so kind. When I am gone and I see someone noticed, it really makes me feel included and special .

Ronnie – You mentioned your blood sugar, do you have diabetes or problems with your blood sugar? Sometimes when I haven’t eaten for a long time I get the feeling that I MUST EAT RIGHT NOW It is a physical thing, not mental, and I used to inhale the first food I came across (which tended to be fast food as I really felt weak .) But I’ve noticed that if I have a pack of raisins it evens me right out. I try not to get into that situation, but if I do the raisins fix it. Do you think that is low blood sugar?

Samantha WOW WOW --two unexpected pounds! You go girl! I have been away for a month, and haven’t tracked my food (nor have I exercised in a controlled setting) like I was doing back home. But I’ve just tried to use good judgment and have lost 7 pounds which amazes me. It’s giving me more confidence. I know that I can lose weight at my house in a controlled situation where I have a regular schedule and go to the gym every day. But I was (and still am) worried about this change in schedule (being away). You proved that “life happens” and it’s okay, good in fact. So – tell us about the computer workshop. What do you specialize in?

Nooch – I hear you singing clear across the country, LOL. A big WOO HOO on your legit weigh-in and for the bouncy in the bedroom (insert knowing smile here).

Bingo – I love your happy energy. Thank you. Where do you get your smilies, they are GREAT. That washing clothes one is super, and the bouncy balls one reminds me of Nooch, LOL. BTW, you asked me the other day whether I did my “to-do” list and I did do it., but only because I wrote that I would do it on this thread! (I love the sound of “did-do”, don’t you?)

Ags – please let us know what the doctor says. And make sure and follow his/her directions! Hugs.

Leslie – girl, you are determined and I need to follow your exercise example. What kind of workout do you do?

Looking – you are in my thoughts and prayers. Please report in when you get a chance.

My positive – yesterday I went to an “all-you-can-eat” buffet for lunch. It was after 2 p.m. and I was very hungry.

I took a large helping of green beans and salmon and a bite of other things to fill the plate. I only ate the food that tasted good and left the rest, so did not even eat one plate (and they were the small dinner plates, not the big ones). When I was done with one plate, I realized I was full. I did go to look at the dessert bar (I had to!), and nothing tempted me. I was amazed. I paid my bill and left.
Keeping the win at my back!

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