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I have owned TA's Mat Workout since March-ish of this year. I did the DVD faithfull three times a week for about a month.

Pro's: I love the music in the workout, I never get tired of it. It's so soothing to me. I actually did get stronger through using the workout, however, it is certainly NOT a cardio workout. Even though the DVD is an hour long, my heart wasn't racing or anything of that nature. Although some people were peeved with her lack of instruction, I found it to be very refreshing. When you have to do a DVD numerous times, you get sick and tired of hearing the same lame jokes, lame commentary, lame motivational comments over and over and over and over, so it was a relief to me. Plus I found that she actually had a specific count to pretty much all of her moves, and once I understood it, I didn't need her commentary.

Cons: The moves can be repetitious after awhile. You LITERALLY do hundreds of reps on your legs/arms/abs. If you enjoy more of direction from an instructor, you will hate this video. TA makes this goofy face like she is thinking really hard or trying to be sexy, not sure which one but it's weird.

My Verdict: I started using this video 35 pounds ago and although I felt stronger, I just had too much fat to lose for it to make a difference. I think if you are already slim or within 10-15 pounds of your ideal weight, it's a good add-on to your workout, but if you have alot of weight to lose, to me it was just WAY too long (i.e. 60 minutes) for not alot of benefit. And although she says some stupid things (i.e. women should not lift more than 3 pounds), her "method" is not really new. It's based loosely on barre/ballet type workouts, which uses primarily your body weight. Once I get closer to my goal weight I will pick this back up, but right now I need to use that time on cardio and real strength training (i.e. way more than 3 pounds)

Note: I don't feel like proof reading today so sorry for any typos/grammatical errors in advance :-)
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