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Originally Posted by chavwright View Post
I'd love anyone's tips on how they avoid having crazy eating binges when they're feeling happy/sad/tired/alive/stressed/blah blah blah. I need all of the help I can get.
You decide that you no longer want to live your life like that. That it's abuse and you deserve better. You decide that you want to be a health-minded, fit and trim person. You decide that food is not the end all be all. You decide NOT to binge. You decide to require more from yourself. You decide to be responsible, mature, reasonable and sensible. You decide that it is way more important to be healthy and happy in the long run then to binge.

And then you set yourself up for success. And stay away from those restaurants during the early stages of a weight loss program. If you haven't control with certain foods, can't stop eating them - then you don't START.

You track your calories. Your bite it you right it. You stay within a calorie budget. Built in accountability and portion control.

You switch up your thinking. Deprivation is not saying "no" to certain foods. That's nonsense. REAL deprivation is staying fat and not living up to your full potential. You rethink what a "treat" is. You realize what it is you want the most from life...... Some few minutes of the pleasure of food - or the long term affects of eating well and being slim. The gorgeous clothing you get to wear all day long. The added self confidence, self esteem and self respect. The wonderful doctors visits. The added productivity and stamina and energy.

You find healthy foods that taste great AND are great FOR YOU. You no longer settle for foods that just taste good. No, that's no longer good enough. You want more..... Much, more more.
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