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I wasn't exercising when I started so waited the two weeks to finish P1. That was the recommendation in the original book. When I did start exercising I was dealing with chronic pain from a disc problem and arthritis in my knees. Of course I was also lugging a lot of weight around. I started slow but daily. Most days that meant 15 minutes of walking or the 1 mile Walk Away the Pounds video. Speaking of WATP, I can't recommend that highly enough for new exercisers. It's a gentle, easy way to start and lets you exercise anytime of the day. After the first month I started to push myself a little. Chronic pain is different than acute pain and I knew that while the pain was frustrating I wasn't doing any damage. Every day I pushed just a few minutes into the pain, and eventually I was able to do more. I don't recommend this approach unless you've talked with your doctor though!

Start participating in the Exercise thread. I'm one of those people who do better with external motivation so it helps keep me on track. The thought of publicly skipping a few days in a row often got me out the door

Post some of your menus in the Phase 1 thread. I bet you will get suggestions for changes that will help sustain your energy level. The most important thing is just to keep at it, even with baby steps. It's how we learned to walk, just a little at a time
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