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Wink Finally Friday

Lin - WOW 3.5 pounds awesome girlfriend! Are you doing anything different or new...
that we should know about?

Cherry - Nice to meet you. I am one of the new ones. I have been doing the "home" version of WW for six months.I really love it, cuz I can eat anything I want. Nothing is off limits (within reason) and I don't feel deprived. I actually think I eat more now being on the program then I did before....Skipping meals and screwing with my metabolism. Exercise is my key, though. I used to sleep for 12 hours (no exaggeration) and I only work 4 hours, and I would come home and veg out in front of the TV for a min of 5 hours. This went on for more then 11 years. That there my dear friends is a recipe for how to make yourself over 300 pounds.
By the way...What's the new little guy's name and stats?

Judy - hang on to the rope! You won't fall in if were holdin' ya. When ever I want to give up (especially exercise) I remember my Internet friends are counting on me to do my part.



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