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Alias/Name: Belle (nicname) Paula-Jean (given name)

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Hometown: Oakville, Ontario

Birthday: Feb 22 1976

Age (for those of us who don't like doing the math) : 26

Sign (for those of us who bite in astrology) : Pisces!!

Marital Status: Shackin' Up!

Children: Two special neices - Julianna and Carmen

Highest Weight: 253

WW starting weight (if applicable) : 243

Goal Weight (or size) : 165 (first, then I'll see if Iwant to go lower - this is the goal given to my by my doctor) size 10/12 would be great and maintainable I think.

Current Weight: 208

Height: 5'6" and 1/2 (just shrunk 1/4 inch with my compression fractures!)

Education: University undergraduate degree in communications studies (BA Coms)

Employment: Communications in oil and gas industry

Hobbies: bellydancing, watercolour painting, singing (I have my Grade 8 Royal Conservatory) and playing with my nieces.

Favorite type(s) of Exercises: bellydancing, running, sex (does that count?)

Long-term Career goals: Good question...I'll get back to you.

Pets: Barney (dog) Belle (dog) Cartwright (hamster) Do boyfriends count?

How long have you been on-line: Today- all morning, in total, 4 years, on this website - 2 years

Where do you see yourself in five years: I hope to be married (but we'll see about that), paid off my loans, travelling the world in my vacation time and very very happy.

If you're on WW do you like it?: YES! I love that it makes me accountable and it definatley works. But I want to learn to focus more on my health and overall fitness rather than just what points I eat and what the scale says. I think I'll try doing my measurements once/month to see if that is more motivating!

Pregnant with Baby #2
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