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Zanne, congratulations on the weight loss! Way to go!!! See, resisting all those chips paid off...doesn't it feel good when you are rewarded for good behavior! Thanks for your encouraging words about my October weight loss. I am pleased, too, and enjoying the SB program more all the time! I feel so good! To feel this good and be losing weight is such a HUGE deal to me!

Jack-K, only a few more days and you'll be on that ship! I know you can't wait and I hope that helps the week to fly!

Monet, I think you asked for some help with easy SB-legal meals for hubby to fix while you are recuperating, right? Well, here are a few I enjoy: Have him boil a couple of eggs each and have them with some canned spinach and a can of black-eyed peas -- one of my favorite dishes! And so easy. Another idea is to have him stop by WalMart and pick up one of those whole rotissed chickens to have with a salad and a piece of toast. They are so good and here, only cost around $4.00 for the whole chicken! And how about taking a ww tortilla, spread some fat-free refried beans on it, then embed some fresh broccoli all over the beans, then cover it all with shredded cheese! It's a great combination and the fresh broccoli gives such a great crunch to each bite!
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