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Default Hi Everyone

Well, I was not feeling too well over the weekend due to my throat and vertigo problems, so it was rough out in the middle of Florida camping and we had a lot of work to do as we had to move the camper to higher ground in case the water gets too high next summer. The cold front never happened...If we got a cold front, I couldn't tell. It was quite warm even in Central Florida during the day. At night, it got down to about 60 and the campfire was nice. South Florida is just plain hot, even at night.

I'm still feeling quite dizzy and nauseous today, therefore, I don't think that I will be able to work out until this goes away. Only time and my head rotational exercises can help this go away. I really hate feeling like this.

Anyhow, I've read all the posts and would like to say "hello" to everyone:

Bob: It's nice to hear that there is a part of Florida that actually has a change of season and cooler weather. You are very lucky! what is a 7000sf HFS? It sounds like you shopped till you dropped! I love thrift stores...They are a lot of fun!!

Monet: Mono for 3 weeks? Ugh! I thought I had it bad. Glad to hear that you can eat whole foods now. That had to have been pretty awful. It's interesting to hear that your brother in law had the Vertigo "Meniere's Disease". I have the BPPV kind, but it's VERY similar. I have to do head rotational exercises for 15 minutes in the am and pm everyday for the rest of my life in order to not have any symptoms. I also have to take Klonipan (an anti-anxiety) and anti-vert for the nausea depending on how bad the symptoms are. What happened this time is that I thought maybe "the Vertigo" was gone for good, so I stopped doing my exercises for about 4 days and I'm paying for it now. I WILL NEVER DO THAT AGAIN... (I've never heard of Bok Tower near Lake Wales) We camp in an area off of hwy 60 between Yeehaw and Lake Wales in the center of the state. We drive up from Fort Lauderdale so I don't know the central part of Florida very well...
Congratulations on your 12 lb loss!

Jackie: Thank you for your kind, supportive words about my daughter. I hope she grows out of all this! Sorry to hear that someone broke into your work. At least they didn't take anything.
Yes, Florida does have Longhorn Steakhouses. They are THE BEST!! I hope you have a wonderful cruise trip!

Shirley: Thanks for your funny jokes and all the old age quotes.

GatorGal: Love your signature cow quote! LOL!

Crystle: Sorry to hear about all the rain you're getting. What part of Texas do you live in? I used to live in Houston for 17 years. Grew up there.

Debbie: VERY sorry to hear that you lost so much stuff on the computer like recipes and SB info! That is very depressing.
The Disney trip sounds like fun. I hope I can go. My Mom will also be racing in the 1/2 marathon at Disney. I am very proud of her. My family calls her "Super Runner". My Mom is 63 years old. 115 lbs, and runs 8 miles everyday. On Saturdays, she runs 21 miles right now because she is in training for the 1/2 marathon.
She wins 1st place for her age group in every 5K race and 1/2 marathon she has raced. She also won 1st place on the 7 mile bridge race in Marathon, FL this year. Her name is Lois Anderson if you ever stay after the races to see the awards being given out.
Or look in the paper for her times. After Disney, she hopes to race in NYC Marathon some year soon....(I e-mailed her your stats on your 4.5 miles at 50:05. That's awesome time! Keep it up, you're doing great!

Trish: Austin is beautiful! All those freshwater lakes and "Hill Country" I used to live in Houston and we would go to "New Braunsfels" for the German Fest and ride the river in tubes and go down the chute. Oh what fun we had when we were kids there!!

Tina: Congrats on 1/2 lb loss! I know how you feel about trying to control our emotions from controlling our eating. I am a very emotional eater and sometimes I allow it to get the best of me. Let's try and be strong together. I think I could learn something from a workshop on emotional eating! LOL!

LKF: Awesome news! 8 lbs in one month! Gosh, I wish I could lose that fast. You're doing great! Keep up the good work!

Okay, that's all folks...I guess I better get back to work today. Not getting much done. I'm so dizzy just sitting here at my desk. I can't wait till it goes away...Take care everyone and have a good busting day!

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