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Good morning everyone

It is a dull cool morning here. We could do with some of that Florida sunshine. Had a bit of snow a couple of times last week, luckily not enough to settle. I'm just not ready for shovelling snow yet. Heck most of the leaves aren't even off of the trees yet and some of them are still green.

Didn't get to post at all last week, too busy as usual. Also had my head stuck in a book which I had to finish. I decided to check my body fat last week on my ds's digital scale. It showed 41% body fat. Isn't that gross. . I've only checked it once before and that was when he first got the scale at the beginning of this year but I have forgotten what it was then and I didn't write it down so have nothing to compare it to. No change with the weight recently but at least now whenever I want to eat off plan or too much of anything I think of that 41% fat. Maybe this will give me some incentive to cut down my intake and hopefully see some changes.

Monet - Hope you are beginning to feel better and hope that those 12 pounds will stay off.

Have a good week everyone.

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