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OH oh! Be ready for the onslaught! But not from me...

From my experience: I had adopted 2 cats. Both were declawed by their previous owners. Both were outdoor kitties when we got them, and didn't adapt to being indoor kitties. Both lived long, happy lives (I hope!) -- one died of cancer at 18ish, the other of cardiac issues at 17ish. Both were neutered/spayed and were in neighborhoods with multiple cats BUT off the main road.

We now have 4 cats, and chose not to declaw them. They are outdoor kitties, in multiple cat neighborhoods, off the main road.

My conclusions? The 4 cats did/do claw the furniture. We put scratching posts in front of the most clawed parts and they migrate to the posts instead of the furniture. We tried to do modify their behaviour but since we were both working, it wasn't so effective because you kind of have to be there ALL the time to be consistent and effective. We keep their claws trimmed, and have no trouble handling them to clip their claws to preserve the furniture.

The 2 cats that were declawed would still "claw" at the furniture, even though they didn't have claws! And they really, really didn't like having their front paws touched at all. Both of them.

My PERSONAL opinion is that I like the idea of leaving the kitty with his/her toes. Declawing is an amputation of the first toe joint of the kitty. Kind of like getting your fingernails removed by cutting off the top joint of your finger. The kitty will adapt to this, but I just didn't like the idea. And if a declawed kitty gets loose, they really don't have their front claws to use in self-defense (like, to climb a tree to get away from a dog, for example). And kitties DO get out, even if we don't want them to and do everything we can to keep them in. However, I know that my vet WILL declaw and for some owners who want indoor cats, this is a viable option and the cats will adapt. It just is something that I didn't want to do and something that I personally don't agree with.

I've also noticed that as our cats get older, their scratching behaviour has really decreased. At least, while we are around

Good luck with your decision.


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