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derrydaughter: Remember to toss the gain in the trash and start a new. So, you had a tough weekend. Now you know and you can focus, focus, focus! I just know you'll have a better week this week! And actually my scar is not visable unless I lift my flab fromt he c-section and well my "fat" too. I don't really ever look at myself in the mirror unless it's my face. Maybe I should challenge myself to do that.

roundpeg: Welcome! Don't worry about the past. It is in the past. Honestly, you are making the effort now and that takes enough of your energy. I know you don't want to get your children obsessed with points and stuff, but perhaps you should at the very least go over calories and the basics of how just because it seems like a good choice there may be other alternitives like fruit or whatever. I don't think you should be afraid, just be honest and show them that it's about health..Good luck anyhow, I know you'll do great and we're here to support you 100%!

Clydegirl: Sounds like maybe you did enough walking to counter a gain at least. I am sure you're on track now. Good luck and what a great 5K to do.

To the rest of the ladies, Hello & I hope you're weekends were great as well.
Enjoy your day, mine is about over as it's 8:30pm - I am hoping to be in bed by 10 at the latest, we shall see!
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