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Can I hang out in here??

I am new to dieting, in general, I started WW at the end of May. I have been heavy since puberty, but never really tried to lose weight. So this is my first attempt at changing my future. I guess I had just assumed that "overweight" was in my life script.

I am a divorced mom of two "tweens". They know that I am incorporating healthier choices in our kitchen. They don't know about "points" since I am scared of making them too aware to the point they start obsessing. (Maybe I am projecting my own issues here!). So, the kids and I don't talk about weight loss, just better choices and new, healthier foods.

I don't discuss WW with anyone IRL, I am scared to admit I am trying something because I am scared to admit I failed. But, so far, I am losing weight, pretty painlessly. I was just filling my body with such crap before. Now, I count the Doritos and don't just sit the bag by my computer.

One weird issue I have is a sleeping eating disorder. I literally wake up and eat. And I eat junk, like Poptarts. I never eat Poptarts when I am awake, but I eat them in my sleep. I don't know if that is from anxiety, a sugar issue or just that my eating clock is screwed up. I have changed many things, but the sleeping poptart issue is still around.

So, I changed to a high fiber tart, learned to just eat one and I track it in the morning. Before WW, I was eating 9 points in my sleep! several times a week! Now, I am down to a 3pt fiber tart thing, 1-3 times a week. I even had the kids hide the pop tarts, I still slept walk until I found them. Oh, and before you say "stop buying poptarts", I babysit a 5yo and that is her standard breakfast. She'll start kindergarten this fall, I shouldn't have to stock poptarts after that.

Sorry, I didn't mean to get all windy about my sleeping poptart issue!

Anyway, I have been lurking here for a month or so and thought I would like to introduce myself. I am glad to have found this forum.
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