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Well, I'm back from the long weekend and I have to admit that the news is not good. I gained and I lost control.
So, today is a day to get serious, log the food in, drink the water, get some exercise and go grocery shopping to buy GOOD stuff....eeewww..... I should have done better but I got caught up in the holiday weekend stuff.

Ash, we would probably all do well to adopt a more European walking type of lifestyle. I live in a rural community and you really can't walk to places, I'm sure villages in Europe may be more "central" in terms of being able to walk to do your errands?

Clydegirl, have you got that in writing that you will pay the same for 4 years of tuition? We thought we would get the same financial award and tuition but we didn't.

LitChick, that Ruby is exactly the same one I saw on TV. I was impressed by her. I also thought the same thing about the pre-packaged meals. One thing I like about WW is that they teach you how to eat real food on your own. Though, over this past weekend, I did not excel at that. I'm pretty disappointed in myself.
The pre-packaged meals remind me of years ago when Oprah went on the diet with all those shakes. She lost a ton of weight, but it didn't truly teach her how to eat right. She has since learned better, but from what I have seen on TV briefly (don't want her anymore since she got involved in politics) she seems to have gained back lots of her weight? It's an uphill battle for us all.

Welcome back Melanie, gosh times flies and you have your 2nd child? Wow. I hope you can be successful. I worry that you are living with your in-laws and may not have control over what you are being served to eat. Can you talk about that a little bit?

Ash, I am sorry to learn about your daughter as well. What a shame. How hard that must have been. Hugs to you. Also, I had two C-sections as well, in my day. I hate how my lower abdominal region handled it all, years later. I have a pelvic region, then a line goes across that is the big scar and the fat hangs over it. I just hate looking in the mirror at it all. I have to do some sit-ups!

Mollie, welcome back again. I hope you can stay on program this time. Let us know what kind of help you might need from us.

I am really going to try to stick to a Thursday weigh in day here. I am no longer attending WW meetings due to my time and lack of funds. I really want to try to stay off the scale. I already blew that and weighed myself today, but I shall not report that here and I will report on my tracker the official Thursday weight in number.
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