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Originally Posted by Truffle View Post
If I took out one serving, I'd eat the whole bag because I'd never stop at the one serving, so it's probably better to quit having them in the house. My dh was just being thoughtful because he knows they're my favorite. He doesn't know that I'm trying for the three millionth time to get a grip on myself...

I didn't chew or spit the chips. I just licked the flavor off. This might sound really awful, but I'd be tempted to look into that chewing and spitting technique. It would probably save a lot of calories. (I know, that's bad to even think about.)
I'm sure DH is just trying to be thoughtful. Which is why I believe you need to have a SERIOUS talk with him and let him know that you are trying very hard to change your lifestyle and eat in a healthy manner and that you need his FULL cooperation. Let him shower you with flowers or perfume or kind words - not fat laden nutrient sparse foods. I think when first starting out on a weight loss program it would probably be best to refrain from those type foods. Maybe further down the road you can reintroduce chips - once in a while and in moderation - like buying a single serving sized bag.

I think you may want to incorporate a better strategy then licking or chewing and spitting your foods. Where will it stop, once you start? Will you start licking hamburgers, french fries, etc...... Or chewing and spiting pizza, cookies, etc.. Is this really how you want to "get a grip"? It sounds to me like that kind of behavior is not REALLY getting a grip at all.

I think you may have to make peace with the fact that "those type foods", while they TASTE good, aren't so GOOD in the long run. Their value is very limited and doesn't last all that long. You need to find foods that taste good AND are good for you - long after you're done chewing them (& swallowing - not spitting).

While you take away certain foods, you get to ADD in others. Delicious berries for instance. Yummm. Frozen banana slices or frozen grapes. Fat free/sugar free yogurt. Smoothies. Spicy baked sweet potato "fries". Roasted cauliflower - with chilli powder, cumin, garlic and onion. All taste fabulous - and will make you look and feel fabulous as well.
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