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I have only been doing Yoga for a year and I love it. I was about 80 lbs heavier than I am now, and while I was not able to do the all the poses there are always modifications that you can do. To answer your questions above:

1) Did it help me to lose weight? I will be honest here, for me, excercise does not really help me lose weight. I have always found for me that it is 80% of what you eat and 20% excercise. It was only when I cut back on calories that my weight started to drop off.

2) Did it tone you more? However, once I started to lose weight, I noticed with Yoga my flexibility started to improve and I definately noticing definition in my arms. Some of the more advanced poses are quite hard to do, but they build muscle as well.

3) How much does it generally run? Do you pay per class, or per week, or per month? This depends on which studio you go to. The one Hot Yoga studio I currently go to can charge up to $17 for a 90 minute class and $15 for a 60 minute class. There are other studios that charge $10/class. They will also offer monthly, quarterly or yearly packages, with the more you buy (i.e. yearly, the less per class it would be). My recommendation is if you are not sure, just pay per class until you are ready to commit. Some studios to get people in during the summer may have deals going on, or they may let you try it for free just to get you in the door. It does not hurt to ask.

I would say go for it. Yoga is a personal journey and you can not compare yourself to others. My knees are shot and there will always be poses that I will not be able to do because of that. I have accepted it and let it go. It is not just physical it is mental as well. Yoga is also about the breath. You concentrate on your breath to centre and quiet your mind. Go with an open mind to your first class and enjoy the experience.
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