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Originally Posted by FutureFitChick View Post
Nuxmaga, I think you put this really well. Growing up, most of my non-fiction reading has been surrounding weight loss, organization, self-confidence, depression, ADD, etc. But, I am slowing beginning to see that everyone has their own struggles. Maybe if I learn to live with mine and do the best I can rather than trying to fight against myself all of the time, it might find a good deal more peace in my life.
Learning to recognize the critical voice(s) in my head, and writing them down, and seeing how it's all nested together has been crucial. The whole, "I shouldn't have eaten that. What is wrong with me? I must be a failure, and that means I am worthless. Oh, wait, I am judging myself. I need to stop doing that--why do I keep doing that? What is wrong with me?" and so on and so on. It's hard, but I'm finding more compassion for myself--and peace--I hope you continue on that road as well!
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