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What confuses me most about the affair is why anyone would sleep with him. Really. Have you ever seen a movie that portrays a really really over the top wanna be Italian mobster, particularly one that isn't Italian, or a mobster? Where they wear flashy paisley silk shirts and tailored pants everywhere, with 18 lbs of gold jewelry? With greasy slicked back hair? And are forever talking about how the shirt they're wearing cost $1000 and then they spent $200 getting it tailored? That's my old boss ... except he tucked those shirts into shiny slacks pulled up to his manboobs. And drove his new Audi to work the day he announced a huge paycut. And during the paycut announcement, he told us he HAD to cut our pay or the company wouldn't net $6 mil in profits for the year. Then the next day bought new sharks for our huge indoor shark aquarium. He's a goon.
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