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Originally Posted by Idealmuse View Post
Danni you can do it. You have the tools and know how already!
Thank you!

You have such a great attitude! I love that you are doing triathalons!! I have always thought that you need SOMETHING ELSE to focus on as the weight "loss" part of the journey comes to an end . . . you cant lose forever (unless you do it my way - ugh!!!!!!!!!!! OK that is enough of my shenanigans and beating myself up. Done.) Eventually you do need to focus on other things that make you feel physically good and proud of yourself

You rock!

And your comment above that I can do it . . . its so odd that I see other people who have been in the same situation as me and I have NO DOUBT that they can get back on track and then when its about me I am all about the self-doubt.

As Ailidh said earlier, just leave the emotion out of it!

One of the things that has been key to each attempt at losing weight over the past 25 years (I think I realised I was fat or started to feel that way at 11 . . . even when I look back and see pics and I was very normal-sized) was that I believed. I comletely suspended disbelief and just behaved as though I would be successful.

Thank you all . . . I think I feel some of my old energy & confidence coming back
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