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Welcome Ash! Where is Wiesbaden? Are you in the military or is someone else in your family? No matter what, you are welcome.
I sure know mood eating. I have all the best intentions and then I blow it.
I've been trying this new approach the last few weeks and I'm not giving up on it. Today is my fresh start again, Monday.
The 4th of July weekend is dangerous, but I really am still liking the shish ka bob suggestion and am going to try to go for that idea.
I'm also going to try baking these low calorie cupcakes I saw in a magazine. I'll let you all know how they come out. I want a treat but I do not want a high calorie one.
We are heading up to our cabin on the lake on Friday and plan to stay there until Sunday. I'm sure we'll be eating out, but we have agreed to a new money saving family thing (due to college costs for the kids) so maybe we won't be eating out as much. I do better when I eat at home.
I'm hoping to plan out everything I want to eat over the weekend and do a quick shopping trip on Thursday to the market and bring stuff up with me so I won't be out in the crowds and also getting tempted.
Linda in NH

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