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Hello Ladies,

Congrats to all of the losers, I can say that right? I mean weightloss losers!!!
I am starting week 3 of the program and has a 4 oz. gain. I would like to say I am surprised and crushed, but I am not. I did terrible this weekend and it shows. However, I have been getting a ton of workouts in and I now walk nightly with a friend of mine. She wanted to talk one night and it turned into me saying,"well you're coming with me every night!" And it's been great.

So I consider that a NSV big time and then also another one is that I put on jeans the other day that were tight and I could feel them lose in the thigh area and that for me is a big deal, so I know I am slowing sculpting my body.

I am doing a 6 week walking challenge now, I am starting week 2 of that and I just added hand weights to my DVD.

I just know great things are coming,
Let's keep it up ladies.
I just have to plan for the four of July...
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