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Default Have you re-gained a "significant" amount of weight & then gotten back on track?

So, I am fairly new here and have been messing around for weeks now after initially telling myself that I was "ready" to recommit and get the weight off (again). Clearly I was not.

I lost a spectacular amount of weight in a spectacularly short period of time and had no trouble keeping it off for about 5 months while I travelled and started a new job. During this time I think I gained around 5 out of the total 114lbs that I lost . . . and the extra 5 didn't sit well with me. I had never before understood how people could moan about 5lbs, but I can in all honesty say that it emotionally & to an extent physically felt as bad to me as when I was at my highest weight.

Long story even longer, after a number of things that happened in this past year, the way I felt about myself even with "only" 5 extra lbs was so bad that I slipped back into the way that I used to always cope with life . . . by using food. The result has been that in the past year I have gained back a lot of the weight.

I am feeling better than I have in many months but am now finding that old habits do die hard . . . so I find myself snacking excessively and overeating in general.

I want to lose this weight and more than that finally win the battle. Part of that I know is doing it slowly . . . I do think that will be important for me.

I would love to hear from anyone who has been through something similar and what you did to get yourself back in the right headspace and get to a place where you had forgiven yourself fully so that you can move forward.

It is this that I am struggling with . . . forgiveness.
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