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Hey everyone! I have been a 3fcer for quite awhile and post on the Support forum's Steel Magnolia thread but I am finally conquering being on WW and sticking with something so thought I would peek in.

My dh and I have been back on it 7 weeks now, he has lost 19 and I have lost 26 but my weigh in is Monday so we shall see. I am menopausal so am having hormonal issues this weekn and have gained a bit though have stuck to WW faithfully. It is gonna happen, we're women so I take it in stride. I have to tell you, what keeps me going on the straight and narrow is that we are planning a Caribbean cruise for Nov 2010 for our 38th wedding anniversary and I want to be at goal by then so I can walk around St Thomas and St Maartin's and do all the things on a ship that I couldn't possibly do now. I even bought a cocktail dress and jacket in a goal size and a beautiful Bob Mackey lavender and lace shell and jacket with white pants in a goal size. I paid a fortune for it, so I have to get to goal so I can wear it to dinner on the cruise! Looking forward to it is what keeps me putting one foot in front of another and not stepping out of line. I know I have to be at goal to go on this cruise and enjoy myself. We have one night a month where we give ourselves a treat to eat out and get whatever we want, this month was the Melting Pot fondue place. It was my grandson's 9th birthday and that was where he chose. I find though that everything I do now happily centers around pts. I am not obsessed, but to give you an example. A few weeks ago, we went to Vicksburg MS on a day trip to see the Civil War stuff. It was a day trip from my house in Memphis but we had to eat out lunch and dinner. We stupidly passed up an exit with a lot of choices as we thought it was too early to eat lunch and ended up at taco bell. Well, I took into account the fact I couldn't figure pts and chose their grilled chicken taco salad without the dressing, cheese, rice and left the beans in the bottom and didn't eat the shell and a diet coke. Now normally, if we were going to go out and have to eat away from home, I go to restaurant websites and we pick stuff ahead of time and figure out pts but this was one of my hairbrained fly by the seat of your pants, last minute I want to go somewhere things. We then went to Applebees for dinner and had their twofer $20 steak dinner. I had a baked potato without all the goop though I did have a piece of appetizer. We didn't have any problems with it at all.

We are cooking here in Memphis too. It is supposed to be over a 100 today and we have had upper 90 temps for the last two weeks and no end in sight. It is the humidity that gets me. I had a lot of errands yesterday and was in and out of the car and stores a lot. I was dripping wet the whole time.

Oh, btw, I am 55 been married nearly 37 years to the most wonderful man on the planet who is retired Navy and works for the City of Memphis now. I have two grown kids and two adorable grandsons, one from each child, Thomas is 9 and Jackson is 2. I am a lady of leisure and a knitting nut. I knit all the time. Since I am posting and can't see avatars, forgive me, but for the lady who is a Cardinals fan, I am a die hard Cubbie! I am a transplanted Yankee who grew up 90 miles from Chicago in South Bend, IN (Notre Dame country) so it was natural. We get booed down a lot when Jack and I go to the Redbirds game here in Memphis to see the Iowa Cubs play as they are a AAA Cardinals team! I have a co-dependent yorkie named Fortune (Jack named him because he said that is what he would cost us)

I live in a condo, but our board is fighting over how to open the pool this year because they don't want to pay for security and the renters in other apartment complexes and houses around us without pools basically break in to the pool and swim. So, their stupid idea was to open the pool as far as it being cleaned and set up but keeping it locked so the residents can't swim. I am irked bigtime because we pay big maintenance $$$ for the privilege of the pool in the summer. I am lucky though as my dd has a pool at her house and I go three times a week and do laps and aerobics in her pool with my grandson for an hour. I am a fatty but a fish in the water and love the summer because I can swim instead of walk for exercise.

Well gals, I need to do my morning chores downstairs while hubby still snoozes. I am a very early riser so I usually come down and put away dishes in the dishwasher and start a load of laundry for the day then sit and knit. I have three projects going right now and another one to start. I just finished this (see pic) for my dd for her anniversary next month. I also have a trellis throw about 1/3 done for a wedding present for my son's best friend along with a coordinating pillow about halfway done and a zip up jacket sweater for the youngest grandson all done except one sleeve and the sew up. I like to have several things going at once so I can change them up if I get bored! Knitting is one of those things you can't eat and do at the same time. Perfect for me!

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