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Hi and Happy Friday everybody. I;m contemplating what to fix DH for lunch...and also waiting for the kids to wake's almost 11:00(hello) I'm surprised DS is sleeping this late..he's usually up by now and into everything!
Anyway I didn't weigh today I was worried..and I just couldn't make myself do it...I just didn't feel like I had lost anything so why make myself feel worse.. Next week we're going on a camping trip for the 4th and I kinda dread that considering DH is planning on eating out EVERY SINGLE NIGHT WE'RE GONE I'll just have to make healthy/light choices...oh well.......
Welcome to Frances hope you like it here,hope to see you around!
Lit chick ~ looks like you and I are in the same boat for the!
well I'll get outta here and blab later! Have a great weekend!
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