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Thanks guys- yes I have calmed down a bit- kind of even laughed at it like is she crazy?! I just posted my photo online a few days and if she thinks I'm anorexic then she must have serious vision problems!

Yeah FatPants I know my friends would know better- but you know when other's don't know you well or just don't like you- I just don't want nastiness about me spread...

I will definitely speak to her and say what's going on and that I'm hearing you are telling people you think I'm anorexic, I hope I heard wrong...

Thinpossible girl something similar to this happened once before on another issue- and when I spoke to her she was like no I didn't say that- I said this- but even then I wasn't sure if I really believed her...

Thanks guys- I just really was TOTALLY caught off guard- I am SUCH a foodie that me being anorexic pft! That'll happen when **** freezes over...
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