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I think your gain is a result of adding vigorous exercise and weighing in the evening...(You couldn't put me on the scale kicking and screaming after I have eaten breakfast! )

1200 calories a day is a lot of food and an abundance of nutrients if you are sticking with lean meat, whole grains, low-fat milk products and loads of veggies and fruit. (You should have seen my giant 300 calorie breakfast!). 1200 calories worth of ice cream and chips is very little food and almost -0- vitamins and essential nutrients.

Something I think many people tend to forget when they proclaim "starvation mode" is that the human body has been designed to store fat for famine. We gain weight when we eat more calories than we need, to be used as fuel when we don't have as much to eat. The body doesn't store it there just to piss us off, there is a purpose for be used as fuel when the times are lean... If you have substantial body fat...(enough to warrant a "diet"), then your body will use the stored fat as energy. Studies have shown that an obese person does not need a substantial amount of calories, (as long as they are meeting the RDA in nutrients). Unless a person has some rare metabolic disorder, the body works pretty much the same for everyone.
Highest weight - 333 pounds. Lost 193 pounds by calorie counting in 2008/09. Regained 73 pounds in the last 7 years and am working on getting back to a normal BMI.

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