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I'm back up to 154lbs!!! I know I had some wine and lots of cheesecake on Saturday, but hot damn!

While I'm annoyed and slightly disappointed, I am trying not to read too much into it- I mean it happens. However I do feel like I'm hitting a glass ceiling- I've never been able to get below 145lbs when trying to lose weight (this is my third time at this weight- once the summer after I graduated from high school, once the summer after sophomore year, and then now ). Mostly because for some reason or another, this is always the weight where I end up reverting back to my old bad habits.

I do think that my natural body equilibrium can handle being at least in the 135-140lb range, so I am determined to push it and to get there. If I can't reasonably maintain it, then so be it, but I want to at least give it a shot. I still have a few bulges here and there that it would be LOVELY to get rid of! LOL.

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