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Thank you, TakingCharge! Yeah, I didn't feel too guilty about the little indulgence, since I had been very good all week. And it doesn't appear to have done too much damage (since this time I just had the drinks and skipped the binge that usually follows, LOL!), so it's all good!

sweetshauna - Oooh, cheesecake... I'm a vegan, so I only veeery rarely get to have cheesecake when I come across dairy-free versions, but I can definitely understand the temptation! Hehe. Hopefully neither of us will stall because of our crazy weekends!

sws19 - Don't feel like a loser, girly... There's no way you would have managed to lose ~40 lbs without have any discipline whatsoever, heh, so you must be doing something right! IMHO it's way better to phase yourself into a lifestyle you can actually maintain (but maybe lose a bit more slowly) than to drop weight REALLY quickly because you're putting unrealistic restrictions on what you eat. Some people have lots of success formulating a list of foods that they simply cannot eat under ANY circumstances, but I know I will never be one of those people... I like cake! Haha. Anyways, I'm kind of veering OT, but I'm just saying that it's OK to be human, you know? I hope you won't be too hard on yourself for having the occasional slip-up.

I am back down to 146.6 lbs today, which was a very happy surprise! Glad to see that I got rid of the alcohol water weight. I'm not sure whether I'm going to keep weighing myself daily, though... Now that I'm at/under goal, I think weekly might be better--just to make sure there are no huge gains, heh. How often do you ladies weigh in?
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