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First, Welcome!

Hmmm. No particular food at any particular time is necessarily going to help, I don't think. It's best if you plan to eat with prevention in mind!

For feelings of fullness try food with lots of volume and few calories.

If you want to feel satisfied for a long time after your meal try 1) eating protein and/or including a healthy fat with your meal. (like frying an egg in a monounsaturated fat like olive or canola oil)

Carbs with a low GI also keep you feeling full longer.

Combine all of the above and you get a breakfast of oatmeal (steel cut, not instant!) with a few nuts and 1 cup of strawberries.

For lunch, a flax wrap with humous (fat healthy spread) 2oz of turkey or chicken and lots of veggies. (I like spinach as one cup = a ridculously low number of calories and is very filling)

And so on and so forth.

If you start eating for reasons of fatigue then you're simply not getting enough rest--and if you don't get enough sleep, you will gain weight.

And I use water for everything. If I'm really hungry--often a water will help. If it's late afternoon, sometimes I'll have a diet coke to get me through dinner prep. (Some people don't like diet soft drinks though--it's a personal thing).

Oh and I eat all day long, it seems. No more than 3 hours go by without me eating something. (I'm at home during the day, so it's easy to do this and make wise choices.) I even save something for bed-time.

Excellent question.
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