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Hi Turtles,
Wow Princess, you did great! Keep up the good work. Keeping busy is the ticket. :

Bandit, you're smart to get yourself right back on track. WEigh to go with planning a nice light lunch.

I'm busy this weekend. Yesterday my daughter celebrated her 40th. birthday party. She is a character and a lot of fun, so figured the perfect spot to have a party was a bowling alley. I bowled for the first time in over thirty years and bowled 7 straight gutter balls before I even knocked down one pin. It was so much fun and hysterical! She had pizza for us, but I had had a huge salad with salmon on it before I left for the party and I didn't eat the pizza. Yay! Then we ended back at my grand niece's house where she had decorated and had loads of snacks. That was trickier and I wasn't perfect, but since she also had veggies and fruit it wasn't a disaster. All in all it was a good day foodwise and a wonderful day people wise. Today we have unexpected company since my dd and her dh stayed overnight. I'll be right back on my eating plan, and I'll figure out something to serve them as the day goes along. Then tomorrow my woman's group is having our annual dinner. I'll drink a shake before I go and eat very moderately at the party. It should be fun as long as I'm confident about the food.
You all take care and be well and happy. By the way, I also have a non-scale moment to share. My pants are getting too big. Although I've only lost an additional 6 pounds recently my measurements have changed. I just bought a pair of size 18 jeans and they fit perfectly! First time I've been out of size 20 in ages!!!! for me.

Chrily honey, how are you doing?
Lady, how are you?
MsMeri, what stats you have. Whew! Weigh to go!
Lauren, how are those "Lauren" jeans feeling?

Good luck, don't let the rain/heat get you down and keep on keepin' on.
234.6/?/204.6 and closer to 30# down.
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