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Originally Posted by GlamourGirl827 View Post
JAnyway, just wanted to say this isn't just about me losing wieght, its about somehow breaking my addiction to food. Its about not seeing it as an activity, a pick-me-up, a reward, a drug, an event, a friend, an enemy or a stress reliever...but just as something to fuel my body when I'm hungry and to walk away from when I'm satisfied.
Originally Posted by Glory87 View Post
What works for me is severely limiting the foods that trigger that reaction in me. I never want to gorge on broccoli, but "carby" foods like cold cereal, crackers, pretzels, cookies and chips definitely trigger...something in me. I limit those foods, I have fewer cravings, I'm happier.
For me, once I took the junk food out of my diet the whole thrill of eating was gone. Not that healthy food isn't yummy, but it doesn't give me that electric charge that junk does. You're right, it is only food, and trying to use it for something else made me fat. For me junk is definitely a drug, any food that calls my name I'm staying FAR away from.
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