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If you want to test your willpower, there are other things you can do rather than deprive your body of the essential nutrients that it needs. Something like this really, IMHO, does no good for the body -- it slows your metabolism, it weakens your muscles, it removes all energy stores from your body, and your brain slows down because it doesn't get the energy it needs. And makes you food obsessed.

The only good reason, IMHO, to do this would be for religious reasons. And even then, these are limited time fasts, such as Ramadan (PLEASE CORRECT ME IF I A WRONG ON THIS ONE!!) where one fasts from sun-up to sun-down, but eats before and after.

I think it would be just as challenging, mentally, to participate in or create your own exercise challenge. This will test your will power and have great physical effects. I am doing a 30 Hot Yoga Classes in 30 Days challenge at our Hot Yoga studio. One class a day for 30 consecutive days. You could find an equivalent challenge (try a boot camp! collect pledges for a 5k run and start training for it! make your own 30 spin classes in 30 days challenge!).

I think this might challenge you equally, and you won't see your metabolism negatively affected and your body depleted...



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