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Originally Posted by mizmizzy View Post
So I've been reading a lot about water fasting and it sounds intense but possibly like it could be a really good thing. I just dont want to kill my metabolism. Has anyone tried water fasting before? I am not sure how long I could go--lol but I am curious to see how strong my willpower could really be. I've heard this is a great way to rid excess fat and toxins in the body.
Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?
Okay. Which part of it sounds like a really good idea? I can't possibly imagine? I don't know. I kind of need the energy and nutrients that FOOD provides.

Want to get rid of excess fat? Permanently? I suggest reducing your caloric intake and exercising. Creating a calorie deficit. Over a period of time. Not some quick fix that's SURE to backfire.

Getting rid of toxins? I'm pretty sure that's what the kidneys, liver and intestines do, amongst other things that our great body is made up of.

Eating a healthy diet is all that one needs to detox the body and lose excess fat. No gimmicks. No hardships.

Instead of spending time fasting - why not spend time changing your eating habits? Devising a plan that you can live with. Finding new and healthy food options. Now that to me would be time very well spent.

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