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Originally Posted by 8675309 View Post
I've tried it, I still have the kit from like...a year and a bit ago.

What to say about it:
- I was the body type that was pretty much low fat, low carb. (If you want I can give you a food list of what you can eat if you do the 6WBM "body type test" to see if its worth the money).
-In addition to eating well, you are told to do 30 minutes of walking (I believe) or like wise activity along with the band work.
- Personally, I found it difficult because I lived at home, but now that I don't I could almost see myself doing it again, but I've taken on a no-meat type lifestyle so it doesn't really work
I took the online quiz and was told I am a type A - endomorph. If you can give me an info on what I'd be getting into, I would appreciate it. I was wondering what the food combos were about. I heard that some people had to eat protein and carbs at breakfast. Other types couldn't. I guess what I really wanted to see if the combos made any difference or if it was the amount of food that you were eating.
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