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Morning all!

Lots of things to do today, as it is Monday, but the doggies are home with their parents and we slept like rocks last night. Ahhhh. Was nice to be able to roll over!

Think (well, I KNOW) I didn't get my water yesterday. Gained 2 lbs and was OP. Gonna go make some green tea and make sure to chugalug all day. Have to hit the grocery store, stop by my parents' house to see my mom, and hit the bank all before getting Little Guy from school.

If the clouds stay at bay, I'll get my 20 minutes of Vitamin D provided by the sun, too. If I can manage 20 minutes a day (which is doctor-suggested) then maybe all my freckles will connect by Labor Day when I'll be wearing a canary yellow dress for Abdul's wedding. I'm playing the role of Token White Girl. I'm honored to be in the wedding, but am going to need a little color on me to pull off canary yellow....

Anyone try the automatic spray-on tan places? My SIL did one of the airbrush places but I don't know how I feel about standing completely nekkid in front of the airbrush technician. I'd love to have feedback about the automatic ones, if anyone's ever gotten one done.

Well, need my tea, should do some dishes (I just stop doing them over the weekend, for some reason) and maybe some laundry. Hope everyone has a fabulous day!!!

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