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Wow, Ruth, can't believe your peonies are blooming! My neighbor's are just barely budded out and we're so far south of you. Bet they're gorgeous. What a cutie Jazz is! Didn't know you were doing allergy shots...taking care of an old allergy or did you develop new ones?

Yay for good hair, Cottage! Bet you'll look gorgeous!

Crazy windstorms here too, Cyndi. Glad your plants are okay--a frost this time of year is just insane, especially when you don't live in Canada! I'd love to take you up on the stevia cookbook. I'm having trouble figuring out how to measure stevia for recipes.

Sounds like such a fun day, Twynn! Have y'all gone to Knobel's? It's such a fun place!

Hi, Debbie! I don't think we've met yet. Your day sounds fantastic!

I biked to work today and it was such fun! : My first time, so there was a lot of planning involved in getting all my stuff to work and such. The only caveat is that I'm going to bike home, then drive to the gym and I have to avoid the temptation to delay going. I will stay strong!

Beautiful day here and I hope to spend some time in the yard pulling weeds this afternoon. We have a bunch of "creeping charlie" invading our lawn next to our veggie garden and I just don't feel right about using weed killer so close to our food. I promised DH we'd just pull all the weeds.

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