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Good morning It looks like we have a little frost this morning. Glad I covered my tomatoes and peppers. It was so windy I had to wait until just before dark but I would have been sad to lose any plants.

Ruth - Good luck with your busy week. Hope you find a minute to take a picture of the peony tree. My grandma always had peonies and now my Mom has some of those plants. I've always loved them.

Cottage - New hair for a new month Enjoy your short work week.

Kieran & Chelby - welcome to the birthday month!

Not a bad week for me - three days in the office, one wfh day and one day off. I'm practicing my 4 day work week and using up some vacation days. Today is my busy day with a visit in the morning and yoga after work. Some where along the way we need to get new cell phones and switch services because my phone bit the dust this weekend. We needed to switch carriers anyway so this just pushes us to get it done. Anyone ever ordered cells through Amazon? It's a lot cheaper but I'm wondering how easy the transfer is.

I've been having a wonderful time experimenting with ideas at For anyone who tends toward frugal it's a great blog full of ideas and recipes. I love her idea to make burgers out of leftovers and have been experimenting with a variety of things. So far they are all yummy. Zeffryn tried the muffin recipe and I'm waiting for a review

Finally - I've been cleaning and have a couple of cook books I don't need. They are Low Carb Sweets, Baking with Stevia, and Vegetarian Cooking for Diabetics. I was going to offer them on freecycle but would be happy to send them to any 3FC chicks if anyone wants them. Disclaimer here - I'm getting rid of them because I didn't like them but you might. I actually only used one recipe from the Sweets book, never used the other two at all.

Okay, time to get moving and get this week going!
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