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Default Can't seem to make friends...

I moved about two hours away from my hometown almost four years ago and I can't seem to make any friends around here. I am married, so I have my hubby to hang out with, but my hubby works every other weekend and when he's at work I am SOOO bored. I wish I had friends, I've tried making friends, but I just never quite seem to make close friends. I do have some friends around here, but none of them are the type of friend where I could call them up because I'm bored and we could go hang out. They are all the types of friends where you have to have plans way ahead of time or else they are too busy.
I'm really outgoing, friendly, and usually up for anything. When I go back home I have so many friends from high school and college to hang out with that I usually don't have time to see them all. My hometown is not terribly far away, but it's still far enough where I don't want to drive there every weekend.
There aren't many people that I work with that are my age. If they are my age they have little kids and always seem to be too busy to hang out. I'm not sure what I can do.... any advice would be great!
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