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It went well. This place doesn't train very many adult (mostly children and college teams) but they do have a few and aren't opposed to it. He said that if I will commit to the work he can get me lifting, he can give me the tools to lift heavy. He emphasized they don't "workout", they "train" or "develop". It's not a place for general fitness by any means. It's a big room with giant tires, sleds, racks and then the usual medicine balls, etc. There is no air conditioning and they aren't there to pamper you. I will be training with the owner, the guy I met with today. He said he's very passionate about his work and he thinks it's awesome that I want to train for Powerlifting. He said I even have an advantage being that I'm closer to the ground! He seemed pretty nice. I don't do well with men really but I didn't feel too nervous with him. Hubby thinks it's great and I should go for it. He's willing to pay so I guess I should!

This guy does have a membership plan if you want to come in as you please to workout but since it's far away (45 minutes) and they are often training in there I don't think that is the right option for me. I'm going to do small group training 1-2 times per week and keep my own gym membership. Since he doesn't have very many non-college adults, he said that often I may actually end up being the only person there. Small groups are 3-4, so not that bad.

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