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Morning, all! Our rain arrived yesterday--it was absolutely perfect, starting out nice and light and then increasing as the day went on. Our plants are almost dancing in joy and, although it kept me from biking to work today, I am too--since it'll save us a lot of money in water bills! We have sprouts coming up all over in our veggie garden--even the cantaloupe and pumpkin sprouted this year! Hopefully we'll avoid a sad year like the last one.

I'm amazed at your yield, Ruth! How many asparagus/rhubarb plants do you have? We got just about one pound of rhubarb from my first harvesting, and one stalk of asparagus. The rest were very thin and woody. It's only the third year for the plant, so maybe it'll have more in the future?

Hope everyone has a great day. I'm back at work after a week off and am already feeling the stress! Yikes!
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