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Good morning at least the clock says morning - the sky and my body say too early to be awake.

Ruth - Sounds like a good day to go visiting and shopping.

Cottage - Maybe the girls had the "too much excitement and activity post holiday weekend flu" Are you heading to Maine this weekend?

Normal day on tap here. I've got a visit in the morning and then more paperwork and scheduling this afternoon. Yesterday was such a long day I'm sure I'll run out of energy early.

My plants are very happy to see the rain. I am too, I've been carrying water in buckets! Someone offered me tomato plants which I'm having a hard time refusing. Of course that will mean more beds or large pots I'm thinking about pots for the cherries this year. Hmmm. Too bad I can't get some of the plants to some of you!

Okay, time to get moving.
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