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I was introduced to the concept of "cankles" during media coverage of Hilary Rodham Clinton's presidential campaign. There was actually an article about whether she had them or not. It taught me a new word.

Personally, I think I have the opposite of cankles. And that would be what I've always heard called piano legs. It means that my legs do indeed taper into a slim ankle. But the calves above them are thick. My legs look like a pyramid.

(When they say "piano legs," they aren't talking about an upright. Here's a picture of a Steinway grand with "piano legs." )

I have to work awfully hard at keeping them fairly proportionate. It's definitely genetic. When I was a slender adolescent, I still had this problem. I remember one horrific Saturday morning, when I'd had too much salty stuff for dinner the night before, when at first I could not stuff my swollen legs into my riding boots. Problem was, there was a show that day. I needed to wear the tall shiny black boots. We had to ice my legs down. Even then, for half the day, it felt like my circulation was cut off.
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