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yikes! Last night, we went out to eat at Applebee's, and I made the best choice I could: santa fe chicken salad (the only one without FRIED chicken in it!), half portion, with lowfat ranch dressing, no sour cream, no guac. And I'm "up" two lbs today I also had some crackers. Hopefully I'll be able to lose this before my goal's up. I've been yo-yo-ing back and forth around 153, so it looks like I'll stick to my original goal.

Arrgh. I hate setbacks. They make me want to eat more I think if I can make it through today (Sunday, my hardest day) I will be able to stay OP for the next week.

Congrats to everyone staying OP It's tough to get out and exercise when it's getting colder outside. Does anyone have tips for the snowy months? I'm not sure what I'll do for exercise when they come along Tapes?
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